Lighting & Effects

Light up your Event

No matter your event, we’ll brighten your day with lighting that perfectly matches your style and theme. From room ambiance, dance floor lighting, to extravagant sparkler effects, your event will have people reminiscing for years to come. Looking for that lightbulb moment? We’re ready and waiting to share our experienced knowledge, just drop us a line.


The true wow factor! We’re talking about your name in lights as if you were gracing the boards of Broadway. Each monogram is custom designed for you. It’s a personal touch that elevates your event to the next level. Perfect for the happy couple on their wedding day. Incredible for your business name at a corporate event. Placed in the room for the greatest impact, our monograms can be displayed almost anywhere!


Let us take a blank canvas and turn it into an opulent space that exudes luxury! Does your event have a specific theme or color? Uplighting compliments it perfectly thanks to our atmospheric filters. Wondering if this will work for your event? Ask our knowledgeable team for some inspirational ideas.

Cold Sparklers

Looking to add a little magical sparkle to your event? Our sparklers are specifically designed to be used indoors, are perfectly safe and are spectacular to say the least. A big entrance? A first dance? The closing ceremony? Sparklers provide the extra pizzazz and extravagance that makes for a truly memorable event.

Dancing on a Cloud

You know that feeling of almost weightless euphoria when something is going so well you feel like you’re dancing on a cloud? Thanks to our unique effects and lighting, we create a cloud for you! Spinning and twirling around the dance floor in all your splendor to the songs our team play. These are the moments that memories are made of.


Interactivity is the name of the game with our host of multimedia additions. No matter the event, our 55” TV screens or projectors display photos, logos, videos and text. For a truly special touch, use our dazzling bespoke animations to see your name in lights! Through our innovative direct to screen technology, your guests can share their excitement during every moment. Every hashtag sent and every picture snapped will beam straight to the screens. Plus, they’re all yours to keep at the end of the event!

Your Event, Your Choice

We’re here to help make your event unique and memorable. Our team is experienced with all venues and sizes. We’ll work with you to build a fully customized package to ensure all your needs are met. Contact us today to get started planning your next event!